Welcome to our page P-Stone Creations!! Who are we you ask? Ryan and Michelle are both local artists that were raised in the Elk Rapids area and have been living in the Williamsburg area for the past 6 years. We started this journey just over 7 years ago, hunting and polishing Petoskey Stones out of our home in the Spring of 2014. Ryan and I completely fell in love with Michigan's State Stone(Petoskey Stone)!
When we first started this adventure in the garage of our home, we NEVER expected it to grow as quickly as it did! We have both left our full time gigs to run P-Stone Creations full time about 3 years ago!
We always try and think "outside" of the box when it comes to Petoskey Stones! Many people tell us we have very unique and creative items! We put a lot of work and love into our stones and the shine that you see is completely natural! We do NOT add anything to any of our stones to give them the shine that they have! They are polished to a point that the light reflects off the surface of the stones!
We also do custom work! It's honestly one of our favorite things to do!!! Do you have a nice Petoskey Stone that you found on the beach and you don't know what to do with it? We can can help you! Do you have an idea that you need help bringing to life?! We can help you make that happen!! We also make custom Petoskey Stone knife handles!! Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to order anything!! Customer service is our TOP PRIORITY!! We strive to get back to anyone as soon as possible!